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How does work?
As part of the free and easy 2 step sign up, you'll get to create your own profile. Then, you can start communicating with everyone else at lava Use the popular one-click searches to quickly find who you're looking for. You can get more specific with a custom search.

Lava has free contact features that allow you to show someone you're interested but you won't be able to contact them directly unless they contact you first. If you prefer to take the initiative, you will have to purchase credits.

Even if you don't find someone on who's right for you today, there are thousands of new people signing up every week. You can post a free profile and check in every once in a while. You never know who you might meet!

Send Instant Messages:
In the top-right corner of your screen, you will find the instant messaging window. That's where you'll be able to communicate with other people who are on at the same time you are. Instant Messaging on is like regular chat, but messages are always private between two people.

Exchange Mail Messages:
Just like regular email, you can send other people mail on, even when they're not online. Mail gives you the time and space to tell them how you really feel!

Smile at someone to let them know you're interested! If you're not quite ready to send an instant message or compose mail, send a smile. It's a free, quick and easy way to tell someone you're interested.

Create Your Free Profile:
It's free to sign up and create your profile in any of the three communities. Your profile tells other people all about you, who you are and what you're looking for. You can even upload up to 10 pictures!

Send Backstage Passes
Keep your personal pictures in a private area that is called your backstage. If you find someone you like you can send them a backstage pass and let them see more of you!

This site has one of the best search engines available. Take advantage of the most popular searches with one click. You can always perform a custom search.

Does it cost anything to use
There's lots to do on that won't cost you a cent! You can create your profile, search, browse profiles and pictures, send smiles and reply to messages.

Only if you want to initiate contact with other members, will it cost you credits. There are three different credit packages available. The site works on a system of credits.

What is instant messaging?
Only members can use the fast and easy instant messaging window
to exchange private messages with other members. Any member that has a (Say) icon next to their name in a search result is currently online on That means you can send them an instant message if you sign up and create a profile. You can send instant messages to more than one person during your session. This is important to remember that you don't have to pay per instant message. Instead, you pay to begin an "instant messaging session" so that you can send messages to as many people as you like during a specific period of time.

Only the person you send an instant message to can read your message. It's not public like in a chat room. Your private conversation will appear in the top right corner of your screen within the instant messaging window. If you don't have credits, you can send an instant message by collect call. That means you're asking the other person to pick up the cost. You must create a profile to make a collect call.

Is it free to sign up on
Absolutely! It's free to sign up on and it's easy! Our quick two-
step sign up process will have you creating your profile in a matter of
minutes. Once you've signed up and created a profile, it's also free to post your pictures, search for other people, see their pictures, send smiles to let them know you're interested and reply if they send you a
message. Just click on the Buy Credits link after registering for prices and payment options. There is no obligation to purchase at any time.

Are there any up-front charges?
There are no upfront charges of any kind. You will NOT be required to give any credit card information during the sign up process or at any time other than when you decide to become a full member and purchase credits. You will never be under any obligation to purchase credits at any time. It's free to create your profile(s), post up to 10 pictures, search for other people, see their pictures, send smiles to let them know you're interested and reply if they send you a message. Just click on the Buy Credits link after registering for prices and payment options. There is no obligation to purchase at any time.

What are the hidden costs?
There are no hidden costs! When you register with, you will never be asked for a credit card number up front. They don't have a trial period or some sort of automatic billing. It's free to create an account with It's free to post your ad, post up to 10 pictures, and even reply to messages sent to you! You will not suddenly find a charge showing up on your credit card statement.

Remember, they don't take any payment information. Of course, if you choose to purchase a credit package to use the paid features, they would require payment information, but that's only when you choose to pay -- not before.

Am I going to have to scroll through hundreds of pages?
Not at all. As a guest, your search results are a little more broad than
what the registered members see. When you register, you'll have access to the powerful custom search tool available in each community. You can search by age, height, ethnicity, religion, location, and even interests! Narrow down that search to show you only the people you are interested in.


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