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Finding someone at Datecom is easy: Fill out a profile, search the member profiles, and find someone you like, or just hang out and maybe someone will someone will find you.

Browse through thousands of profiles and find someone now. Specify exactly what you're looking for. You can meet someone in your neighborhood, or someone that lives across the world at datecom. dating service has chat rooms where you can hang out and meet other people. Remember that at everyone is single and looking to hook up. Their are chat rooms set up for all ages and sexual preferences. If you have a special hobby or fetish, datecom allows you to set up your own chat rooms. Then you can talk more intimately or go one-on-one with someone you like. is a fun and easy way to meet other singles! The in-house Astrologer will guide you via the stars to your soul mate. Should you be dating a Scorpio? Or are you more compatible with an Aries? Let the datecom astrologer give you the good advice.

How do I complete the essay portion of my profile?
A basic essay on typically includes your interests, words that best describe you, the type of characteristics you are looking for in a mate. As with the DateID, the same content guidelines apply. Again, profiles are audited before being displayed, and if your essay does not meet our guidelines, it may be rejected or deleted from our site. Essay length is restricted to 2000 characters.

How do I check my mailbox?
To access your mailbox, log into your account, then click on the 'mail' link at the top of your page. This will take you directly to your ‘inbox’, where received messages are shown. Click on the subject line of a message, and you will be able to read your mail. Anything marked ‘new’ is mail that you haven’t read before.

How do I send mail?
Go to your mailbox, and click 'compose mail' on the left hand side of your screen. Fill in the DateID of the member you want to contact, the subject of the mail, and the actual letter that you want to send. When you are done, click on ‘submit’, and your letter will be sent. The length of each message is limited to 2000 characters. Remember that you must be a Gold Membership user to compose, and reply to messages.

What should I say in my message?
The content of your email to other members is entirely up to you; however there are some basic guidelines to keep in mind. Your messages should not contain any vulgar, abusive, or otherwise offensive language. Also, advertising other websites or services is not permitted. If our Support department receives complaints about a user, it is possible that their email privileges may be revoked.

Is there a way for me to send mail for free?
No, you will need to upgrade to a Gold Membership in order to send mail. To do this, log into, then click on the red "upgrade" icon.

Can I receive mail even though I'm not a paid member?
Yes, all members at can receive mail regardless of their membership status.

How many mails am I allowed to send?
The amount of e-mails you are allowed to send is limited to 50 messages per day. This restriction is necessary in order to control abuse, and internal ‘spam’ within the mail system.

How do I block somebody from sending me mail?
If you want to block somebody from sending you mail, open the message that you received from this user, and click on the "block sender" button at the end of his/her letter. You can also block specific users by clicking the ‘block user’ button at the bottom of a member’s full profile.

How can I turn off new mail and show interest alerts, date newsletters, or personal introduction e-mails?
To change your ‘alert notification’ status, click on 'my account' at the top of your page, and then click the 'alerts' link. On the next page you can decide which alert messages you no longer wish to receive, by checking either the ‘on’ or ‘off’ box beside each option. Remember to click the ‘submit’ button to approve any changes made.

How do I find out who has shown interest in me?
If you want to see who has shown interest in you, click on ‘my account’ at the top of the screen, and then select ‘who's interested’ from the following page. This will show you a list of all the people who have shown interest in your profile. From here you can click on the DateID to see their full profile.

How do I show interest in another member at
If you want to show interest in a member open that person’s full profile, and then click on 'show interest'. Doing this will send an automatic message to that user, letting them know you have viewed their profile, and giving them the opportunity to view yours. To see a list of all the users you have shown interest in, click on ‘my account’ at the top of the screen, then click on ‘your interest list’.

Why has an ‘interest’ disappeared from my list?
When a member of our site decides to delete their profile from, their DateID is removed from all other user’s ‘address books’, and ‘interest’ lists. Also, automatically removes names from your ‘interest’ list after they have been there for 30 days.

How do I upload a photo into my profile?
If you want to upload a photo into your profile, click on 'my account' at the top of the page, and then 'my profile'. On the next screen, click the 'upload' button. This will bring you to your ‘photo album’. Click the ‘upload photo’ button, and then follow the directions on the next page, paying close attention to the specific photo guidelines. Remember that there is a file size limitation of 150Kb on all pictures to be uploaded, and any image which is larger that this will not be accepted by our photo server. Each profile can contain a maximum of 5 images.
You can also e-mail your picture to us at or mail it to:

How can I search for a specific DateID?
Click on 'search' on the top of your page, and then select 'DateID search' from the left hand side of the screen. Type in the DateID of the user you are searching for, and click 'submit'. Click on the DateID or picture of the result to view that user’s full profile.

How can I do a basic search in, or search for profiles with pictures?
If you want to do a basic search of the profiles or search based on only a few criteria, click on 'search' on top of your page. This will take you to the ‘basic search’ area where you can fill in your criteria, and then click on 'submit'. For results with pictures, remember to check the ‘photo required’ box.

How can I search for profiles based on different criteria like smoking habits, age, location, religion, etc.?
If you want to do a more detailed search, click on 'search' on top of your page. From here, select the 'advanced search' link from the left hand side of the screen. Fill in all the criteria that you think are important, and when you are finished click on 'submit'. You do not have to answer all of the questions for the search to be performed. For results with pictures, remember to check the ‘photo required’ box. Success Stories

Marcellina DaggieD
" Everyone who meets us, old friends, new friends, family never believe that we met on We are so happy and fun together, never a dull moment between us, and we look soooo good together!!! <Smile>. I thank everyday that it enabled us to find each other. We give our single friends hope that what we have together can happen for them too. I will send a few pictures of us since our first date. I always carry a digital camera with me to document everything. Again, we cant thank the people enough!"

lilred19 BAMAGUS
" If it weren't for we would not have found this love and friendship we have. We both are very grateful for the service you provided us and making it possible for two lonely hearts in the world to meet and discover their soul mate was just a few miles away waiting to be found. We will definitely send wedding photos for all your customers to see that true love is out there and can help you find it. Our love story is truly a fairy tale come true. I feel like Cinderella who has finally found her prince charming. We have joined our lives together and become a family. Todd, Cathy, Justice and Major (our dogs). One big happy family. Thanks for helping to guide me to my soul mate."

hippiechic81 scattlefunked
" Being a single father getting out to meet someone, let alone finding someone who could appreciate your child, was a very impossible task. She being a single parent as well, was dealing with the same circumstances as I, but thanks to, dreams do come true. We are to be married in March of 2004 and we and our kids couldn't be happier. It's funny when people ask us how we met. At first the reactions were quite comical, but whats really funny is that most of those people are now doing the same thing. Again, I can't thank enough for opening a door I could not seem to find."

Lifantasy Alan4301
THEN: "Have been talking on line & emailing since he took a chance and sent me his request....never imagining that being we live so far apart anything could come of it...but surprise.....we talk every day somedays we've passed the 7 hours mark on line..."

NOW: "It was 1 year ago that I received my first request from Alan4301...I still havent figured out why? I opened the email from someone who lived 5000 miles away in a differant country with NO PIC on his profile...But I did. And it was the BEST thing that ever happened to me. Thank you,!"


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