Overview has a name that definitely stands out. What does the website offer, however, to help you meet that special someone and form a lasting bond? 

If you’ve gone through erfect Match reviews, you’ve probably discovered some pretty contradictory information. We are here to settle the score. The following overview will examine all of the platform’s important characteristics so that you wouldn’t have to do all the research later on. 

User Scale

Perfect Match dating promises you a chance to connect with thousands of eligible singles in many countries across the globe.  

When signing up, you can fill out a personality test that will help you meet similar-minded individuals.  

In reality, most of the members are located in the US and Canada. Thus, if you live in a country that has relatively small representation on the platform, you’ll find it difficult to make the most of’s features. 


Let’s continue the perfectmatch review with the ease of signing up. 

It’s a pretty standard process and the personality test is the only difference. Keep in mind that the test is quite extensive and you’ll need enough time to fill it out (about 15 minutes). 

Some Perfect Match dating site members complain that the test offers limited choices for some of the answers and these aren’t always reflective of the individual’s views. You’ll need to go through the signup yourself to see whether this is an issue you’re going to have. 


Once you go through the login, you’ll obviously want to search for others and you’d like to get in touch with the people you fancy. 

We have some bad news for you. 

The Perfect Match website does not allow you to get in touch with others, unless you pay for a premium profile. That’s a pretty nasty decision and it’s shared by quite a lot of dating websites. Since is a general dating website, however, there are tons of alternatives that you can enjoy in their entirety for free. 

If you do decide to sign up for a premium membership, you will be provided with access to communication opportunities like an instant chat, ice breakers, mail, photo sharing with your perfect matches (based on the personality test criteria), private email and dating on demand videos. 


You cannot download a Perfect Match app if you prefer using your dating sites on a smartphone or a tablet. 

This isn’t a feature given to you at the time being and you’ll have to settle with the desktop version of the website.  

Unique Features

A couple of worthwhile features need to be pointed out to give you a realistic idea about what Perfect Match has to offer. 

Members can set up their own blogs that are a great way to share interesting information with others. There are also interest groups and communities. This way, you can get in touch with people who have something in common with you. 

Blings or accessories for your profile are also available to make your presence a bit more customized. 

A couple of other features include a friendfinder magazine with interesting information put together by the website’s team, a guaranteed results feature for premium members, seeing who has bookmarked your profile, access to an exclusive in-vite feature, dating on demand via video and expert articles. 

As far as safety goes, you can discontinue matches that you are no longer interested in and you can prevent members from getting in touch with you. 


Different sources share different figures about how much Perfect Match membership costs but one specific cost of the premium membership seems to be quoted most often in reviews. 

To go premium, you will have to spend 59.95 dollars on your monthly subscription. Yes, that’s right! Keeping in mind the website doesn’t offer anything unique or having the “X” factor in the online dating world, that really is an exuberant amount. 

If you sign up for a three-month membership, you’ll have to spend 110.85 dollars. A six-month membership will cost you 199.95 dollars. 

If you choose the three or six month plans, you’ll get the website’s guarantee for receiving a specific number of perfect matches (which obviously doesn’t mean anything). 


While claims to have perfect matches for you, the platform does not back up such claims in any meaningful or rational way. 

Do yourself a service and save your money. Being charged nearly 60 dollars per month for a basic experience that doesn’t even come with a mobile app is truly ridiculous. There are excellent free of charge dating websites and many niche platforms for those interested in a particular kind of dating. Such opportunities will make a lot more sense than a basic website that doesn’t rise up to its own claims.