Positivesingles.com Review


According to many positive singles reviews out there, positivesingles.com is actually more a community than it is a dating website even though finding a partner here is also possible of course! For those who may not know, positive singles website is a site meant to help those who suffer from AIDS, HPV, Herpes, and any other sexually transmitted diseases. The community here is very supportive and friendly, here you can find your next partner, but you can also find great friends as well! If you are curious and you want to give it a try but you want to know more, continue reading through our positive singles review and decide whether you want to give it a try!  

User Scale

If you are positive single (positive on STD of any kind) and you are looking for love and friendship, positive singles dating might turn to be a great decision for you. There are currently over 1.7 million members at Positive Singles and there is nothing you should be afraid of. The majority of members here are actually men (70%), but there are also women (30%). While the members here are usually aged between 18-55+, most of them are actually between 18-35 years of age. According to the website information found online, there are over 2,550,000 conversations going on over the website each month and over 20,000 blog posts are posted. Looking at it in-depth, creating a Positive Singles account might a great idea seeing how active the members really are. Not only the members seem to be active through blogging and chat, but also on forums and their own profiles, which makes us believe positive singles fake profiles might be very hard to find as well!  


The registration process on the website is very straight forward, you will be asked to provide your basic personal details as well as a couple of sentences that are meant to attract people to your profile. Of course, when creating an account you will be required to let others know what type of STD you have and agree with Service Agreements sent to your email after you are done with your registration.  


Sadly, even though there are many positive singles success stories out there, most of them actually come from premium members as regular ‘’free’’ membership does not allow you to message others. Messaging someone as a free member is possible only if they initiated the conversation with you, therefore, make sure you create a great profile unless you plan to pay for a premium membership. 


If you are wondering whether there is a positive singles app you could install to your smartphone, the answer is yes, even if the application is nowhere as popular as the website itself. Positive singles app features pretty much the same design and layout as the desktop website version, the functionality of it is great and everything is quite easy to find. However, if you are using the application, you will not be able to use the health resources tab or forums.   

Unique Features

Depending on your membership, you will be given the chance to use some of the great features of positive singles too! If you pay for your membership you will be shown on top of the search results of other members, you will be able to message others and use the advanced search bar as well. Premium members can also always speak to an STD counselor through the live chat feature or their email! Those less fortunate to have a premium membership might not have all of the features like premium members do, but they still have plenty of options such as sending winks, uploading up to 26 photographs, replying to messages, and requesting access to private albums of other members of the website.  


Considering all of the things that come together with positive singles website, positive singles is actually pretty cheap. According to the information found on their website, for $95.95 you can have a 6 months premium membership and get the ability to use all of the features found on the website. In case 6 months membership sounds like too much for you to pay right away, there is also a 1-month membership that will cost you $29.95 and will automatically renew, so pay attention!  


So, is Positive Singles safe to use and pay for? Yes, it is 100% safe and it is actually a great website for everyone who lives with some type of an STD but feels lonely and simply wants to find a company that goes through the same struggles them. Positive Singles is an amazing place for everyone who is sick of people acting like STD’s are a disability of some kind.