Outpersonals.com Review


If you are gay or bisexual and you are looking for a website that has an active community, outpersonals.com will not disappoint you for sure. With over 1.4 million members at the moment, outpersonals website is an amazing and very quick way of finding a casual hookup or in rare cases a long-term relationship. Most of the content on outpersonals is rather ‘’raunchy’’ so if you do not mind being a part of the gay sex personals website, this website could be a blast! Curious to know more about outpersonals.com? Continue reading to learn all you need to know about pricing, registration, members, and content that can be found on this amazingly designed website!  

User Scale

With so many members on the website (1.4 million) it is quite obvious to say this is an active community of gay and bisexual people looking for hookups and/or relationships. Outpersonals features gays and bisexuals from Europe, Asia, and of course, the USA. While the majority of people on this website actually visits only for the X-rated fun, there are many members who use the website for various other things such as blogs, groups, and outpersonals chat room. If you have never been a member of a website such as outpersonals is, there is nothing to worry about because the website is very welcoming and 100% safe to use, there are many people looking to meet and connect with others even though finding a serious relationship is not a common thing here.  


Signing up for outpersonals is easy and super quick in case you were wondering. The website is very straight forward and there is not much info you need to fill out in order to get started. The reason you are not required to write a lot of info is simply because this is a hooking up website, not a regular dating website where people actually look for their soulmates. The whole registration process on this website takes less than 10 minutes and all you will be required to do is select your gender identity and gender identity you are interested in as well as your birthday and your current location.  


If you want to try out contacting a member of outpersonals, make sure you head to outpersonals login and give it a try.  Making a contact on www.outpersonals.com is easy as it will provide you with a list of people who are online and available to chat. You can always use the search feature in order to find those members who suit your tastes/criteria. Just like most hookup websites and applications nowadays, you can use video or voice chat after sending a few messages to people you find interesting.  


If there is anything outpersonals is missing, it is an application. However, even without an application, the website is easy to use over your smartphone and looking at how well it functions, the application might not even be necessary at all. Just like the desktop version of the site, the outpersonals mobile website features the same perks and features.  

Unique Features

When it comes to the features offered on the website, outpersonals is full of them! If you want to have a conversation with someone, you can use email, chat rooms, winks/flirting, and even audio/video calls! For all of you who are into writing or reading, there is also a blogging area where members write and share their opinions about all kinds of things. To make things even better there is an online store as well as the magazine and if you participate, you can earn points and easily exchange them to get a free month of premium membership! Of course, everyone starts off as a regular member and while the website is free to register, regular members have highly restricted features at the start.  


As already mentioned above, everyone has a free registration process on outpersonals, however, actual outpersonals costs are reasonable and if you really want to use the website, you should pay for a premium membership.  

  • If you want to pay for one month only, prepare to pay $29.96 
  • If you want to pay for three months, prepare to pay $12.95 per month and get one month for free 
  • If you want to pay for 12 months, prepare to pay $6.95 per month and enjoy six additional months for free. 

To make things even better, outpersonals guarantees you will get 3 months of free membership in case you do not get laid in 3 months of using their website.  


Outpersonals website is a great place for bisexuals and gays who are looking for a little bit of fun. The whole website is very straight forward and designed to be easy to use. The only downside of the website is the fact that you might often end up matched with someone who is located very far away from you, so make sure you use filters and search feature whenever you can.