Overview has been around since 2001. And it is certainly one of the largest dating sites out there for quite a while. If you have never heard of Lavalife online and you have not noticed any of the Lavalife reviews on the internet, you should know that this website is extremely popular in Canada and United States and it is welcoming to everyone, even those who consider themselves a part of LGBT community. If you are interested and you want to know what is Lavalife community like and how does function, you should continue reading our Lavalife review as we will talk about all you need to know in case you wish to make a Lavalife profile yourself.  

User Scale

Upon visiting the Lavalife dating site, you will notice the member profiles are very easy to navigate. With over 1.7 million registered members at the moment, most of the members found here actually come from Canada and America and most of them are single. While this website is for everyone, there are three communities you will find here and it is up to you to decide which part of the community do you fit in. Are you looking for regular dating, serious relationships or are you looking for hookups? Depending on the community you choose, you will be able to browse through their content such as polls, Lavalife forums, Lavalife blogs, and various search/browsing options.  


If you have decided to make an account after reading our Lavalife review, do not worry, the registration process takes less than 10 minutes and it is 100% safe. While there is a little bit more information you are required to fill in to make your account, it is good because all of the information you provide will be used to help you find a perfect match. When heading to the sign-up page, you will be asked about your sexual preferences, you will write about your body type/looks, your favorite hobbies, interests, and your personality. Of course after giving out all of the required information, for your safety, Lavalife will send you an email that will be your personal verification. In case you do not verify your profile through your email, your account will be banned and removed from 


Thanks to great search filters available to every member on Lavalife, you will be able to find your match in no time. The search filters allow you to filter people based on their age, location, appearance, and even their activity on the website. While messaging will not be possible unless you buy a membership, you can still reply to the messages that are sent to you by other users. Even if you might not be able to message other users without paying, you can still use regular mailing option, you can like other profiles and make your own private galleries to get someone‚Äôs attention!  


Knowing Lavalife has been around for so long, it is pretty obvious it would have an application as well. Lavalife app is very simple to use and it features a minimalistic design that is very functional as well. The application is completely free and can be downloaded through Google Play and App Store. The application itself features the same things and features as the website, however, many members claim that the application has a more organized interface than the website.  

Unique Features

While the website features amazingly developed filter search and messaging options, there are other features you should know about if you wish/are willing to become a part of the Lavalife personals.  

  • You are able to easily edit and customize your profile for every profile type there is (regular dating, serious relationships, hookups) 
  • All of the people who have a profile on Lavalife can also have private picture galleries, this means you can add any picture of yourself and make it private and visible to only certain people you choose 
  • Forums and Blog are also available to members of These are used to provide you with advice and opinions about various things such as relationships, sex and living in general 


The website is 100% free, however, if you want to have the freedom to message other members whenever you want and be able to use all of the features offered on the website, you will want to pay for a membership. Seeing how many features there are and the fact that Lavalife dating sites USA has an application too, paying for a membership might be worth it. Curious to know about prices? Here they are: 

  • If you want to pay for only one month, be ready to pay $19,99  
  • If you want to pay for three months, be ready to pay $16.66 per month 
  • If you want to pay for six months, be ready to pay $15.000 per month 


Lavalife is a great website for anyone who feels lonely and wants to meet up with new people and possibly find a new partner. While the website has been around for a very long time (since 2001.) nothing much has changed, it is still very popular and the members are rather active as well. The pricing for Lavalife is not bad either, it is affordable and will allow you to use some of the features you otherwise would not be able to. Overall, Lavalife is a great place for anyone who wants to try out something new!