Looking for a reliable and highly polished dating platform? If so, look no further than Designed by relationships experts for singles, PinkCupid is packed with a massive user-base, an impressive search system, and a proper verification system to help you combat loneliness from the comfort of your home or phone. Yet, how does all of this stack up when viewed under a microscope? Find out in today’s pink cupid review, let’s get started! 

User Scale

Just like many popular dating sites, offers a pretty diverse member structure, but with an exclusive focus on lesbians. That’s right, this isn’t your typical dating platform but rather a specialized place for lesbians of all ages. From young adults to seniors, the site gathers people of all ages and walks of life.  

Typically, the pink cupid dating site is used to find serious relationships but if you are looking for a one-night stand or just want to have some fun with the local lesbian community, you can do that as well. Just keep in mind that the primary mission of the site is serious relationships. 


Now, one of the best things about the pink cupid dating platform is the very simplified sign-in process. Essentially, to start using the website, all you have to do is either use your email to register an account or hook-up your existing Facebook account. For many, this might seem standard but in this case, it is even further simplified.  

If you use your social media profile, relevant data such as name and photo will be fetched. This function alone streamlines the entire Pinkcupid login process to a point when all you need us just press the connect button. Pretty cool stuff.  


And now for the core experience. To start chatting with strangers, you simply fill out all the details about yourself that you’d like to share (photo, bio, and other relevant data) and start browsing other user’s photos. Once you found someone who you like, hit the like button, and if they like you back, you can start the conversation. This is a sureshot system that doesn’t waste your time as you know the person whom you liked, liked you back, meaning they are interested in learning about you more. A standard feature some might say, and it is, which is a good thing. If it ain’t broke!  


The Pinkcupid mobile app is great. In fact, this was the first thing we did. We installed the app, used it for a couple of days, and only then proceeded to checkout the desktop experience. Anyways, the app is solid. It is lightweight (will work on even the lowest-end smartphones), the animations are superb, and the UI is simply flawless. It might lean on the simple side but that’s exactly what hooked us. The Pinkcupid app functionality is the same as the full desktop which leads us to the next section.  

Unique Features 

We already gushed how the app is great but did you know that the desktop version is pretty much the same? Well, now you do. Using the full site is the same as the mobile app in terms of features. You get access to geolocation-based results, a proper filtering option, and a simple but effective chat system. The entire experience is also protected and verified by the industry-leading software security system McAfee. You can rest assured knowing that your data is protected and encrypted from fraudsters.   


And the last part of our review is pricing. There are few things that can beat the nominal price of free. That’s right, it is not only highly polished but free to use. Some of you might wonder how on earth it keeps itself afloat. The answer is pretty simple, ads, and paid premium membership. If you are tired of looking at those pesky ads, you can opt for a monthly $10 expense to get the premium account. The benefits you’ll get are instant messages to anyone, doubled profile space, message translation, and advanced matching algorithms. And even if you don’t want to pay, you still get a superb experience.  


The majority of pink cupid dating site reviews note that the site is great for what it offers and we 100% stand by that as well. You not only get access to a vast majority of users but a large selection of different filtering options. All of the profiles are verified and you can use the site the way you see fit. Want to hook up? No problem. Want serious relationships? There’s that too. And again, as most pink cupid reviews, we rank it as “Excellent”.